2017 Rememberences

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Here’s to My Reflection:

1. Moving on with my life was something I was very proud of.

2. I will always remember the exact moment of real loss of My Hubs/Best Friend and it wasn’ the divorce decree.

3. These last eight months have been the most challenging. I have literally lived paycheck to paycheck and hadn’t had to in a long time. It showed me all I have is all I need.

4. I learned to rely on the love and help of others and that I was not alone.

5. If I could change one thing it would be two things actually: spending my last months in NOVA cultivating go-sees with two men during that time. Can we say unfruitful?

6. My three important takeaways a. Atlanta is too far south. b. Life is indeed what you make it. c. Dont give up.

7. Coming to Atlanta enabled me to help get My Son focused on his gifts and a new direction. I facilitated My Daughter with caring for her Twins and entering her next phase of wonder. I became a contributing editor for a digital magazine.

8. The nicest thing a person has done for me in 2017 came rather frequently – I’ve met someone who actually seems to “get me”. Being around him, conversing with him helps keep me sane. (that’s a tall order)

9. Having to relocate twice in the last two years was daunting. I see one more move in my future.

10. I love Vamp Books so I’m reading a series of Books called The Shade also Shonda Rhimes “Year of Yes”

11. Its a tie, the two people that have had the biggest impact on Me…The Twin Gem Grandkids (Mason & Peyton) They give Me Life.

12. The year wouldn’t have been so burdensome if I could have let go and cut ties sooner. ┬áThere goes My Heart Again.

13. The three descriptive 2017 adjectives are a. Hectic b. Demanding and c. Educational

14. Advice in Hindsight – Let Go and Keep Walking Forward. Everyone you lose is not a loss.

15. All of the lessons I’ve gleaned this year will indeed help me continue to move forward.

16. On a scale of 1-10 I think I’ve fared a hard fought hard won 8.5

17. At this point in my life I’m open to meeting new head on and open for wonder.

18. My immediate year of 18 goals are financial stability and secure a place to live in the city where i will dwell.

19. My hopes and pursuits will be semi retirement and a new dwelling.

20. Ask, Believe, & Receive and don’t be afraid to love again.



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  • Tara James-Wallace

    Absolutely LOVE this!