IMG_0636I’m a Sistergurl, Mother, Friend, Professional Woman and Blessed.   Creative Writing is my Passion and my Peaceful Release.

I started writing poetry in high school. Ive published in several Chap Books and Poet Journals.  Two poems were selected and appear in American Anthology of Poetry, a yearly publication.  Over the years Ive contributed and provided friends/family with Vows, Eulogies, Ad Copy and Presentations.

“I Write Because I Must” and I would love to assist you in creating your Literary Masterpiece.  We’ve all had instances where we’ve known what we wanted to say but have drawn a blank.  Enter…Me!!

ABOUT ELEGANT EXPRESSIONS:  Expressions come from the Heart.  I want to assist you by ensuring they are Elegantly prepared. Presentations that impress, Speeches that inspire, Statements that Impart and Vows that Eternally Embrace are just a click and contact away. Together we will paint the literary picture of your dreams.

Heartfelt Expressions, Elegantly Designed…Just for You

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