Big Boned, FAT or Phat

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Today is a FAT day. we all have them. This isn’t a gender posting even though i will refer to how fat relates to men and to women. Generalities abound.

Morning comes and we rise, sleep encrusted, we shake it off and head to the bathroom. Upon entering the bathroom we come face to face with the mirror. The mirror is our best friend or our worst enemy. We look through the haze of ocular shadows and glide our hands over the areas we daily take to task. Today is a fat day for me.

I feel bloaty, i feel water retained, and my thighs look more cellulite-y then usual. My stomach has the familiar lower section pooch but it seems bigger. (and peeing didn’t shrink it like it does most mornings) My Tits seem to be slowly easing closer to my navel. At this point i stand straight shoulders back and i tell myself…Hmmm to have big casaba melons they sit pretty well. Faded scars from surgeries past aren’t as unsightly as i think they are my brain registers the one piece of good news. And i don’t even wanna get started on my upper arms and how they wave when i jiggle them. (but seriously whose doesn’t)

I stumble back into the bedroom standing straight and sucking in my pooch. my Hubs is up now and i want him to see the Goddess he fell in love with. He smiles at me as he comes around the bed to hug me. He puts his hands around my waist, kisses me and smiles. Whew, I got away with it, the illusion of svelte. As i head over to the bed to get my pj’s and take the dog out, i smile. I have a little difficulty getting my pj bottoms over my azz which causes me to start obsessing again and i frown.

Two nights before i was in the process of changing out my clothes from winter to spring. I look at the outfits that seem far to small to get into today or next week or this season. The price i pay for NOT exercising. i like most people SAY I’m going too but i never do. At this stage in my life im fine with that. (disclaimer i am NOT recommending this for anyone) I made a pact with myself to stay within a certain weight range and eat as sensibly as i can. I use the seasonal change of clothes as my gauge. If i can fit last years summer clothes i am doing okay. If i can’t by just a little bit, i still smile because i can fix that. If i can’t by a lot…i rationalize that the garments are old or cheap and i give them to goodwill. (Past three seasons I’ve been doing ok)

I pulled out the warm weather clothing while my hubs sat on the bed and watched me. He smiles as he remembers certain outfits and what we were doing when i last wore it. He spots several dresses he can’t wait for me to wear because he is a leg man. Thankfully I love wearing and can still rock High Heels. He grabs one of the dresses and says he would like me to wear it to church the next day. I love the dress but it is a size lower than what i have been currently wearing. I say to him, i will see but please let me pick out what i am going to wear. The next day while he is in his bathroom i pull the dress out quickly and start to put it on. Women can usually tell from the moment they put a dress over their head, if its going to fit or not by how tight it feels to get on. I was able to get it over my head and shoulders pretty easy. I had on my bra and spanx and i hoped for the best. The dress went on like a champ and it was fitting and holding. I smiled and continued to get ready. When i stepped out in the hall to show him he grinned from ear to ear, and inside i was smiling too. Sure i was smiling because he was happy but more so i was smiling because I was better off than i thought.

Men i believe look at their fat differently. Most of their problem areas are stomach, arms, chest and they view it individually not as a whole. A man can have a pooch and if its solid they call it muscle and if its flab they decide if they will address it or ignore it till someone brings it to their attention. Does it make or break their world? Not usually unless they are part of the NEW METROSEXUALS. They make allowances for it and keep keeping on. They are readily accepted by their fellow men and by society. They get more leeway in having to fix their fat. Remember i am talking pooch and NOT stomach gut, because that is indeed an epidemic that should be handled as soon as humanly possible. Without getting too explicit, not many women wanna ride crotch rocket on top of their man around humongous bellies. IJS. Men will go to the gym when motivated too. They work out and cut back and seem to lose weight easier than women do. They play sports to hold on to their youth under the guise of staying in shape. Whatever the reason if they stick with it sports also aide their weight loss.

Women, we are our own worst critics. We derive fat from several sources: freshmen 15, ovulation, menstration, baby weight, menopause and knowing we should leave certain foods alone but we don’t. Some accept it, resolve themselves to GROW and plan their lives around it. Accepting yourself is fine, but when you dress that overweight body in clothes two sizes too small theres the rub. Lately we see women squeezing into jeans and ending up with the WHOLE MUFFIN and not just the muffin top. Then they put a small top over all that and swear they’ve got it going on. In my day we were taught to cover a small roll no less the five ripple rolls of kneaded dough. IJS

Women also exercise to lose weight. I pray its for their own self worth and not for someONE else. I won’t discuss the Health correlation to exercise because that is a given and for another article. Women tend to work on problem areas instead of the whole. Magazines make millions off our weakness, reading about the next big thing in diets and exercise. It is knowing the ramifications of genetics, and cultural lifestyle that helps me decide how i choose to maintain ME. If i love me and keep me healthy I exude the very best of me.

i try to eat no more than 2000 cal a day. Usually i can stick to 15-1800. I watch my body contours and thankfully i still have a killer waist. (thank you Lord) despite cellulite I have banging legs, and my tits are original issue, lowered by gravity but all mine. I have pretty feet and hands thanks to my mom and im not too rough to look at.

There is no such thing as Big Boned we suffer from Big Bodies that fall prey to Big Obsessions. Conquer it as you see fit, as your Physician prescribes and your resources allow.

So in taking all this into account….today i will be lazy and fat. Cuz tomorrow I intend to be Fabulous.

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