Hair Today… Gone Tomorrow…Beauty Remains…

Hair…Everybody has their own opinions, desires and none of us seem to be happy with what we have. The old adage that if its straight we want curly and vice versa. If we don’t have hair nowadays we go buy it and adorn ourselves with the vision of beauty in our minds eye.  We have the afrocentric who feel its our God given right to be who and as we are.  We have religious hair grown or shaved to bring us closer to our vision/version of the Spirit. Then you have the ones who diversify not for a movie role or for fun…but because their look their locks are directly tied to their emotional well being.  This is where i live.   I was born with semi good hair.  I had waves and some curls and not too many naps. Even though my morning comb outs and braid sessions weren’t… Continue reading

Aint that about a Bitch!!!

#LIFES ONE CONSTANT IS CHANGE… Day to day realizations come and go.  Sometimes they enter your minds eye as a flicker of a thought, while other times they dart in and dart right back out.  You can deal with the notions…What was that? or What was I thinking about? Convince yourself that it/they were nothing and keep on moving forward. When day to day realizations become the norm and not the exception, or you find yourself holding out hope for sooner than later, something is indeed amiss.  You piece the puzzle together and your body and soul gently suggest to your mind…PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIGNS. I am an intelligent woman but I have a severe BLIND SPOT in my makeup.  I love wholeheartedly, without reservation and BLINDLY without thought to my own wonders, willingness, hopes, dreams or NEEDS.  I am not talking about just the love of a good man…but love and loving all in my… Continue reading

What would you Say?

I was Given a Gift 2day…I love thought provoking questions… IN ONE OF MY GROUPS ON FB THE QUESTION WAS ASKED…”If you could go back and tell your younger self something what would it be and how old would your younger self be? MY REPLY: Dear A …..Your heart your kindness your ability to love, care, do and be for people will be taken for granted, lied on, talked about and pigeon holed. Even by those closest to u…Judas had NOTHING on ur detractors. ALL OF THIS WILL STING, MAIM AND ALMOST KILL UR SPIRIT…BUT U WILL SURVIVE…so don’t change U. Just try to be more disconcerting abt those u let in…. I would have told MY 35y.o. SELF that. That was when I separated from Hubs #1…and LEFT NJ… That was when the road became a winding road… #1 and I married young but the love was TRUE and… Continue reading


***9/14/2007 My Babydog was Born… ***11/2007 I traveled 2.5 hours w/my daughter to buy a White West Highland Terrier (Westie) because I saw a Caesars Dog Commercial and thought the dog was cute. (Further research also proved they are very smart, well behaved but moody) ***2007 My Sister passed (RIP Paula) and My Cousin (RIP Jeffrey) a day apart…and my year wasn’t stellar…A friend knew of my plight and my Interest and Gifted me my opportunity for Happy around my Bday (11/20) ***I didn’t pick my Doggie the Trainer/Breeder/ Owner places the pups on the floor and allow them to gravitate to a prospective Buyer/new Owner…I thought that was magical. ***There were 5 pups most were wire(y) hair but one pup had some curly hair with a patch of off white stripe down her back…and she came over and rested on my foot. The Owner said she knew it would… Continue reading