***9/14/2007 My Babydog was Born… ***11/2007 I traveled 2.5 hours w/my daughter to buy a White West Highland Terrier (Westie) because I saw a Caesars Dog Commercial and thought the dog was cute. (Further research also proved they are very smart, well behaved but moody) ***2007 My Sister passed (RIP Paula) and My Cousin (RIP Jeffrey) a day apart…and my year wasn’t stellar…A friend knew of my plight and my Interest and Gifted me my opportunity for Happy around my Bday (11/20) ***I didn’t pick my Doggie the Trainer/Breeder/ Owner places the pups on the floor and allow them to gravitate to a prospective Buyer/new Owner…I thought that was magical. ***There were 5 pups most were wire(y) hair but one pup had some curly hair with a patch of off white stripe down her back…and she came over and rested on my foot. The Owner said she knew it would… Continue reading