Pursuit of Perception? No Thanks…



Why I am involved
w/Me, Myself & I?

Is it me
just the men
I seem to meet and know…

Ladies Lately…do you find yourself having to “Banter” in convos abt mudane topics w/o hearing any substance?

Have men gotten so used to *Half Ass Doing and Being* (as my Mama used to say) with a Sister that they feel that ANY time spent with a Sister is Quality Time?

When did the quest for Orgasms replace conversation, direction, intention?
Or His perceived Prowess replace Principles?
Cuz we can all Fuck….
But can you form a legible sentence.
Is your quest for like, love or commitment as long as your dick?

When did it become fashion to go from
Hello to Name Rank and Serial number…
with our non negotiables leading the way.
One wrong word or phrase spoken or interpreted incorrectly followed by
the appearance that effort may be required and the Mission is aborted
Discharge is enacted with a quickness
With the Sister being Branded Too Difficult, High Maintenance

But the worst In my humble opinion
is the thought that because there appears to be so few of the Good ones left
**(I say Seemingly because Men love to say WE JUST Talking or Kicking it abt present liasons)  Available ones feel obligated to spread themselves around…

  • Color Me disheartened and
    Color Me Ghost…