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When My Quest began
I was Bereft & Bewildered
having endeavored and endured
while on the journey to
This Place
I humbly realize
It was worth Everything

While traveling
I met
UNreasonable Facsimiles
and Smooth Talking
I even sampled
one or two of their wares
all the while being
willingly convinced to
contort my dignity along
w/My Feet
trying on Glass Slippers
w/shards of glass
To their amusement and
My Disdain
Thankfully Realizing
That 4Love
I wasn’t meant 2Bleed

Their Incessant whines:
I’m not ready…
Give me time…
I really wanna…
In the future…
I’m working on it…
Became the hauntingly
aching mantra
that consistently
Crescendo’d in my ears, traveling
through My Soul
pinching My Heart…
the sting almost
unbearable at times
& like Black Magic
The Healing worsened
with each attempt

Fearing distinction…
Their incessant Cacophony’s were deafining….
just to keep a bid in
trying to explain away
their ineptness
& with each attempt
I retreated further into me
wrapped in My Innate
Inherent Shield of Protection
finding solace deep within my Mind
I held counsel with My Aura
Summoning The Empath
in Me
& learned w/each empty promise
with each long goodbye or
2block and shield
their taunting horrors
to save my very Existence

I fell in love with Myself
I saved Myself
I studied Myself
calling on My Chakras
bathing Myself in the oils
of Essential
Reciting The Holy thru Meditation
Until the Shift happened
Awareness of the Clouds
& thru the path from the
Root 2My Crown…
Enlightenment Reigned

I listened in Silence
yet I covered My Ears
I stayed still and in position
yet I couldn’t catch My Breath
I kept My Eyes tightly closed
yet I could FINALLY See
and just like that
all that seemed to matter
disappeared in a cloud
of broken dreams, wishes
and Smoke

I teared up instantly
in remembrance of the pain
I paid homage to those that
Lost Me
& I Buried the Dead
I awake each day
Open 4Wonder
Only the Marvelous
will do…




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