May I present the “J” in JAM Inc.  He is my Son, Orlando “Jule” Chandler III







He is our Artiste…and Illustrator.  Photo Reproductions, Comic Ideas, Caricatures or illustrations for your work.  Contact him and let him know what you need.

I am the “A” in JAM Inc.
I have another service to offer…I am a Notary Public in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  I am in the process of becoming a Signing Agent for loans and mortgages.  I am Certified and a member of the National Association of Notaries.  Click on the “Contact link”  if you would like to discuss your documentation needs.



May I present  the “M” in JAM Inc.   She is my Daughter, Morgan E. Alexander.

Morgan, besides being our Manager is a Beauty Representative for Younique Cosmetics. Enhancement to our Natural Beauty is what this Company is all about.  They are the developers of Magic Mascara and it works wonders.  Click on her link and contact Morgan TODAY.









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