The 2nd Awakening

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Luvs ūüíúūüíúūüíú

Some musings for your pleasure of Part Two of my Sojourn. ¬† Epiphanies¬†are happening for sure…in and thru and around me. ¬†My restlessness prompts me for decisions, actions and change.

Only the non existent refuse to evolve. Everything I thought I had, everyone I thought I knew… the visions have changed and the facades are falling away.

In this 2nd stillness, veils are being lifted allowing Brilliance to manifest again.

In this constant evolutionary journey, Ive missed Love. ¬†In this period of solitude and discovery Ive needed, wanted and craved Lust. ¬†Superficial has never interested me nor have the objects of the offers.¬†There have been many who feigned to be “enlightened” to pique my interest…only to falter once the real is known & shown. ¬†My Spiritual Emotional Alchemy moves fluidly leaving those of reason baffled and somewhat defensive. I choose 2lanquish in the ocean…it is My Depth that unnerves. ¬†Sorry not sorry for those that cannot swim.

Ive come to the conclusion that attraction may not only be a misnomer but virtually non existent. Sometimes Men can’t seem to get out of their own way. ¬†Feelings, and fear seem to run parallel. Giving all takes more then just strength and courage but also the desire of conviction.

It is a mans desire for wholeness, that wanes. Not carnally but soulfully. Superficial replaces depth; allowing one the false bravado to offer rationales to explain away the hesitancy.

People have to want to engage and be engaged.  This is primarily vital to learn and teach.  Sight and the seeking must accompany the attempt to elevate, soar and discover.
The levels and depths I give, care, know relate and reveal few if any can match. At this point in my quest I venture to say even fewer would want to attempt.

I’ve been told often that I ooze sex. “OKKKK”….but… I also allow the fluidity of my love 2quench, to overflow and that scares the hell out of most. ¬†Many women unfortunately choose to cloak themselves. ¬†Me? I bare all and I will honor Me until the end.
I’ve given my all and found nothing sustainable in return except the gift of my progeny. ¬†Even that was Celestially Ordained. ¬†Now I will either receive immeasurably or not…To thine own self be true.

My fire feeds me and the flame has set me ablaze. I’m Anticipatory but also Alert and Aware. ¬†I will continue to Search and Seek and Learn. I’m ravenous for contact with more depth. Thankfully I’m also acutely aware now more than ever….

I will not Starve.


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