I love to write is true but I love to interpret too. Peoples stories, lives, loves and dreams fascinate me. What am I offering? What can I do for you? What can I do with you? Let me pen what you want to say about the times of your life.


When you are about to speak the most important words of your life; you want them to matter. Standing in front of your Beloved is not the time to go blank. Many can get flustered when asked to put their feelings on paper. It doesn’t have to be a soliloquy. It doesn’t have to sound like a speech. You can make the words as serious or whimsical as you like. When your blending families, you want to say something to the combine two families into one.  Let’s discuss your intentions and create Magic…Anything is possible.


Speaking engagements or presenting to a group of people can be daunting. Are you up to the task?  Can you gather your thoughts cohesively and relay what you want to say?  Does public speaking leave you brain twisted and tongue tied? If so I’m willing to talk it through and work with you. How many times have you heard “I know what I want to say but I can’t find the right words?”A million times right? Well no matter the event, occasion or meeting let’s get together to knock your presentation out of the park.  I look forward to fine tuning exactly what you want to say.  Share your ideas with me and let’s create your Masterpiece.


A lot of people feel they have a book in them.  They wish to share their ideas, thoughts, and memories. Issues arise, time gets crunched, delaying or hindering the ability to “start” the project.  This is where the ghostwriter comes into the picture.  In some instances the Ghostwriter remains simply that; one who assists in writing the book or journal and writes anonymously.  The credit and the rights belong to the owner. The Ghostwriter feels that the compensation and knowledge of a job well done is the reward. The process is based on subject matter and size of the end result.  Contracts for this undertaking can be paid by an hourly scale or the amount of words/pages written. The modality is agreed upon up front and the contract is signed. The Ghostwriter has a responsibility to ensure they will not pilfer or reproduce any of the owners thoughts, words, or information. If this interests you, lets talk and discuss your ideas. Once the project is a go all matters can be resolved along any further discussion to address the whos, whats, whens, wheres and hows.

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